If you are thinking of sending some delicious treats back home in Pakistan, you dont have to think twice. Send Chocolates to Pakistan at low prices through and make someone really very happy back home. Chocolates are way of expressing sweet love to anyone, be it your fiance, wife, mother or anyone else. We have wide variety of designer and regular chocolates, be it imported or local we got them all, so what are you waiting for Send Chocolates to your loved ones back home today.

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Basket Of Choco

US$ 59.00

Best Mum Mug 2

US$ 22.00

Bounty Chocolates Large

US$ 35.00

Box Of Chocolates

US$ 39.00

Butlers Chocolate Selection Large

US$ 62.00

Butlers Chocolate Selection Small

US$ 46.00

Cadbury Dairy Milk Box

US$ 14.00

Chocolate Bucket

US$ 27.00

Chocolates in Box

US$ 29.00

Cute One

US$ 35.00

Ferrero Basket

US$ 42.00

Ferrero Bunch

US$ 38.00

Ferrero Rocher 16 Pcs

US$ 16.00

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24 Pcs Box

US$ 26.00

Flower Choco Box

US$ 59.00

For Best Daughter

US$ 59.00

From Heart

US$ 74.00

Kitkat Chocolate Box

US$ 30.00

Lals Chocolate Tower

US$ 66.00

Lals Traditional Box

US$ 36.00

Lindt Chocolate Bar

US$ 26.00

Lindt Chocolate Box

US$ 30.00

Love Bucket

US$ 15.00

m&m Chocolate

US$ 33.00

Mars Chocolate

US$ 30.00

Most Elegant

US$ 26.00

Quality Street Box Small

US$ 20.00

Snickers Chocolate Box

US$ 30.00

The Birthday Box

US$ 57.00

Toblerone Chocolate Box

US$ 36.00

Touch Box

US$ 55.00

Traditional Chco Basket

US$ 45.00

Twix Chocolate Box Large

US$ 35.00