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Ever thought of sharing a meal with your family in Pakistan while you are in UK, USA or Canada or anywhere else. Well we have got you covered. Send a Fresh and Hot Meal to your loving family in Pakistan, let us deliver the meal and you can enjoy the happiness. Send Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza, Chicken Karachi, Chicken Tikka or anything you like. We can send Chinese Food or Italian whatever your loved ones in Pakistan may desire. Send Food and Fresh Meals to Pakistan through

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Avari Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 44.00

Awesome Deal 14 Street Pizza

US$ 18.00

BBQ Tonight Meal Deal

US$ 79.00

BBQ Tonight Special Platter Deal

US$ 109.00

Big Mac Mcdonald

US$ 14.00

Bundu Khan Deal 1

US$ 110.00

Bundu Khan Deal 2

US$ 48.00

Bundu Khan Deal 3

US$ 42.00

Chicken Big Mac Mcdonald

US$ 14.00

Chicken Biryani

US$ 18.00

Chicken Mc Nuggets Mcdonald

US$ 14.00

Desi Food 1

US$ 49.00

Desi Food 2

US$ 88.00

Dhamaka Offer Pizza Max

US$ 22.00

Double Cheese Burger Mcdonald

US$ 14.00

Family Party OPTP

US$ 22.00

Filet-O-Fish Mcdonald

US$ 14.00

FunTreat Deal Domino Pizza

US$ 34.00US$ 41.00


US$ 30.00

Happy Deal Domino Pizza

US$ 16.00

Hospitality Inn Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 32.00

Hungry Deal 14 Street Pizza

US$ 36.00

Iftar Combo 1

US$ 38.00

Iftar Combo 2

US$ 66.00

Iftar Combo 3

US$ 54.00

Iftar Combo 4

US$ 85.00

Iftar Food Tray

US$ 54.00

Islamabad Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 34.00

Kababjees Deal

US$ 55.00

KFC Duo Box

US$ 26.00

KFC Family Meal

US$ 32.00

KFC Krunch Meal

US$ 14.00

KFC Krunch Meal 1

US$ 14.00

KFC Mighty Zinger Combo

US$ 14.00

KFC Value Bucket

US$ 30.00US$ 35.00

KFC Wow Meal

US$ 12.00US$ 22.00

KFC Zinger Meal

US$ 12.00US$ 22.00

KFC Zinger Stacker Combo Meal

US$ 12.00US$ 22.00

Lal Qila Dinner Arrangement

US$ 32.00

Marriott Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 44.00

Movenpick Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 44.00

Nando’s Deal 1

US$ 40.00

Nando’s Deal 2

US$ 42.00


US$ 20.00

PC Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 44.00

Personal Pan 4 From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Buy 1 Free 2

Pizza Meal 1 From Pizza Hut

US$ 24.00US$ 29.00

Pizza Meal 2 From Pizza Hut

US$ 36.00US$ 41.00

Pizza Meal 3 From Pizza Hut

US$ 33.00US$ 38.00

Pizza Meal 4 From Pizza Hut

US$ 38.00US$ 43.00

Pizza Meal 5 From Pizza Hut

US$ 48.00

Pizza Meal 6 From Pizza Hut

US$ 12.00US$ 17.00

Quarter Pounder With Cheese Mcdonald

US$ 12.00US$ 17.00

Sarena Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 45.00

Subway Family Meal

US$ 30.00US$ 37.00

Sunday Breakfast

US$ 35.00

Usmania Meal

US$ 55.00

Village Hotel Dinner Arrangement

US$ 28.00