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Karachi is the largest city of the country and thousands of Karachites are living abroad. These people are educated and well established so they want to be attached with their families and friends back in Karachi through sending regular gifts. Gifts to Pakistan has separated a list of some wonderful gifts for those overseas Pakistanis who want to send gifts especially to Karachi to select a special one for a special personality living there and send easily.

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Ajrak Touch

US$ 69.00

All For You

US$ 39.00

All Time Favorite

US$ 39.00

Alway In My Heart

US$ 56.00

Always Special

US$ 45.00


US$ 22.00

Apple Box

US$ 18.00

Appreciation Gifts Basket

US$ 44.00

Baba Birthday

US$ 59.00

Baby Care

US$ 84.00

Balloon Arrangement

US$ 59.00

Balloon Box

US$ 59.00

Balloons Combo

US$ 38.00

Basket For Her

US$ 55.00

Be Happy

US$ 72.00

Beauty Of Love

US$ 25.00

Beauty Of Love

US$ 14.00

Birthday Celebrate

US$ 30.00

Birthday Celebration

US$ 29.00

Birthday Charm

US$ 29.00

Birthday Deal

US$ 40.00

Birthday Delight

US$ 22.00

Birthday Dinosaur

US$ 59.00

Birthday Party

US$ 30.00

Black And White

US$ 69.00

Blackgold Look

US$ 99.00

Bonanza Of Love

US$ 48.00